“Wow, Nancy. What a success. So proud of you. You are where you belong, in front of an audience speaking about what you are so passionate about. I remember the first time I heard you speak. I was intrigued and impressed by you, and you are able to connect with the needs of the audience so well.”

Angela Byers | CEO, Byers Creative LLC

Nancy Parsons is President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and co-author of the CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite® which has been used to coach and develop leaders around the globe for two decades. She’s a foremost expert in cutting-edge psychological assessments used for leadership and talent development. In late 2017, she released her researched-based book, Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling. In 2019, she received the International Thought Leader of Distinction Award in Executive Coaching by the MEECO Leadership Institute.




In Nancy Parsons’ eye-opening, dynamic presentation and book, Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling, she reveals stunning new research that sheds new light on why the glass ceiling really exists.  She explains why so few women make it to the top, the staggering costs, and provides practical solutions to bring it down swiftly. At the start, she’ll also test audience assumptions about the glass ceiling. Odds are — most people miss the mark on the real reasons behind this phenomenon and that is why today’s solutions are not working.

Nancy Parsons will push audiences to a slight level of needed discomfort while peaking their interest.  Parsons will reveal in a vivid, yet compelling and relatable way, transforming leaderocrity™.

There is a dirty little secret no one wants to talk about.  The truth is – leadership is broken.  For decades, studies have consistently shown that 50-75% of leaders are ineffective. Despite over $50 billion invested annually in leadership development initiatives, things are not getting better.

Most of us assume that everyone has a “Funny Bone” and enjoys laughter especially to reduce stress at work. Surprisingly, this is not the case. We measure intrinsic motivation, and one of the ten facets is “Amusement & Hedonism.” People with high scores have a need for fun, humor, personal indulgence, a zest for good times, and want to live to the fullest. Those with low scores are just the opposite – serious, button down, and usually business focused.

Nancy – I thought your Glass Ceiling presentation was the best! It was so refreshing. I plan to read the book as well!

Marran Ogilvie, Board Member, Four Corners Property Trust, at the 2020 Women on Board Conference


Parsons to Speak at WEN Houston Power Hour

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Nancy Delivers Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling

Audiences will be surprised to learn what is really causing the glass ceiling.