Wow, Nancy. What a success. So proud of you. You are where you belong, in front of an audience speaking about what you are so passionate about. I remember the first time I heard you speak. I was intrigued and impressed by you, and you are able to connect with the needs of the audience so well.

Angela Byers, Owner, Byers Creative LLC

CEO, Byers Creative

Donna Miller

Oklahoma Women’s President Organization (WPO)
Chair and CEO of Purse Power

Nancy, Thank you so much for being a speaker at our 2020 Women on Boards event in Oklahoma City on November 15, 2017. People loved your talk and got a great deal of value out of your message. The information is so relevant right now. What people seemed to key in on is that women sometimes inadvertently stop themselves from climbing the corporate ladder. It is not about blaming men. Your talk encouraged women to reclaim their own power. That message, that our future is in our own hands, is a very powerful message indeed. Thank you again.

Nancy, I am thrilled to recommend you as an experienced, energetic, knowledgeable and authentic speaker and presenter! As a financial analyst with a passion for people, I loved how you wove the results of 20 years of data into a presentation that included elements of humor, well organized concepts that were easy to follow, and specific action items. In summary, you nailed it! I had two clients in the audience at the 2020 Women on Boards event in Oklahoma City on November 15, 2017, and they agreed the message was spot on as well as enjoyable! Thank you for giving hope to your audience based on facts! I cannot say how much I loved your energy and style!!!


Executive Coach & Financial Analyst
Quest Executive Coaching

Nancy Delivers Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling

Audiences will be surprised to learn what is really causing the glass ceiling.